Winter, the season of decorations, long forgotten traditions, Christmas tree and more fun then usual. This is that time of the year when you meet old friends and stay longer with your family trying to have an amazing time with them. But let's not forget that this isn't a reason to stay at home and hibernate. You need to try new winter adventures whether its snowshoeing in Maine, dog-sledding in Article Circle or sleep inside an igloo for the night. We have a list of 5 of the most amazing attractions of the winter trips.

1.First of all there is Yellowknife city, known as "The Gateway of the North". It's a small city from north-west of Canada, but in the winter something it's happening and the city becomes full of tourists that come from all over the world. Here you can choose to stay in a tent and watch over and over again the northern lights that can be seen very well from outside. To experience the true northern culture you must try the ride with a dog sledding and experience the adrenaline of leading your own dog team. Also you can try to ski, go hunting and not least fishing in the frozen lake.

2.Let's not forget that winter is about snow and hot drinks. What a better place then Southern French Alps to start an amazing season of skiing. Here you can choose from 64 ski resorts sorted according to elevation. The highest ski resort is at 3.560 m named "Les 2 Alpes". Here you can experience for the first time a night in an igloo. As bad as it's sounds, it's nothing that you can compare this amazing experience. Alongside with igloo experience, you can try the ice-climbing, ski-joering, snow-scooting and other more traditional snow activities.

3.The authentic experience of winter is definitely in Saariselka in Lapland. Here you will find a beautiful park with reindeer. You can choose to play with them or to go on a ride and see the breathtaking landscapes. The fully experience is to sleep in one of the most amazing igloos that exist. This igloo is so spacial due to his appearance. It has an amazing frost-resistant glass and you can stand in your bed and see the northern lights on the sky. If the adventure is to much for you, just find some hotels here.

4.If you're not a winter person, but you still need to have fun and feel good, you need to try the geothermal pool. What it's more amazing then to dive in a pool with hot water in the middle of the nature when outside is -20 degree. You can choose the Blue Lagoon from Iceland because it's water is rich in minerals like silica and surf. Here you can take a bath and admire the beautiful landscape.

5.In the winter, the nature and it's wild population are changing. It's wonderful to see those amazing changes with your own eyes. To get a part of this amazing moment you can choose to go to Yellowstone Park and take a ride through the wild. You can see the magnificent pack of wolves, grizzly bears, moose, black bears, bison and more others in their own habitat. To do this you can take a snowcoach tour or a sleigh ride. Also Yellowstone offers more activities like: skiing, snowboarding and finally take a dip in a hot spring pool.

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