The mountains are calling and you must go!

The world is full of amazing destinations waiting to challenge you and to offer much adrenaline to adventure seekers. If you are that kind of traveler, then you have so many options. Adventure is everywhere and if you love mountains, than you should find out which are the best mountain destinations where you can try some great activities and take some risks to feel the adrenaline.

● Berchtesgaden, Germany, is considered a hiker's paradise in the Bavarian Alps. Located on the German-Austrian border, this region is full of trails for all levels, from which the best is Konigssee, making a circle around a glacial lake, between towering mountains. But don't forget about cable cars, they lead travelers to some great points, with fantastic views of the area. From this dynamic trip could not miss paragliding and rock climbing, so prepare suitable clothes for this kind of activities.

● Interlaken, Switzerland, is a very popular area, due to its amazing snowy peaks and alpine lakes. It is home to most recognizable adventure destinations in Europe, Jungfrau and Altesch glacier, the biggest in the Alps. Here you can practice rock climbing and hiking and when you need a break, remember that Jungfaubahn train will lead you to the most stunning hills and glaciers. Other outdoor activities could be kayaking and canoeing, skydiving or jet boat tours. This destination is perfect all year round and during the summer, the valleys fill with wild flowers and the hills with beautiful waterfalls from the melting snow.

● Madeira, Portugal, became famous as a adventure destination recently, being popular in the past due to its hearty wines and to the archipelago area. You will find here an amazing mountain location, with challenging trails through the volcanoes and even with world-class surfing. You should climb on Arieiro for an unforgettable experience. The trail will lead you to abundant eucalyptus forests, to arrive in the end high above the clouds.

● The Dolomites, Italy, is a place to mix both adventure and leisure. Go and visit the small villages and admire the surroundings, with bloomed wild flowers during summer and ice peaks during winter. Hiking opportunities are great here, as well as snowboarding and skiing. Don't miss to visit Cortina of Canazei, they are great winter sports resorts and try the circular walk around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, it stands above all others!

● Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, sits on the banks of the Salto Chico Waterfall, offering breath taking views of the Paine Massif Mountain Range. It's your chance to find out more about Patagonia culture and traditions, so take a trip to the Estancia 2 del Enero to watch gaucho horses and sheep. Go on a horseback ride or play with animals, it will give a good vibe. Coming back to adventure, you can take a boat on Lago Grey or walk to Rio Paine Waterfall to explore better the wildlife.

Other mountain destinations perfect for an adventurous holiday could be Mont Blanc (France), Grossglockner Alpine Road (Austria), South Tyrol (Italy), Yosemite National Park (California) and many more. So if you want the best of your vacation, beautiful memories and some risky but great experiences, start your adventure and climb the mountains!